Denzay A&E is established as a Limited Liability Company in Ankara, Turkey in 2012. It is registered to Ankara Chamber of Trade. We are a company providing architectural and engineering services including design to technical documents preparation on site quality assurance and consultancy service for construction projects for national and international companies, organizations, such as NSPA , embassies of United States of America, USACE, UNDP, UNICEF, UNHCR and M.O.D. Turkey, all around the world in more than 20 countries.

Denzay A&E also provides pro bono services in terms of designing facilities for retail clients, organizations and municipilaties while contributes society through donation works. Reach to us for your requests accordingly.


Denzay A&E is the leading architecture and engineering firm composed of highly qualified architects and engineers providing its national and international clients new ideas, design solutions, consultancy and quality control services since 2012. We believe understanding the “whys” driving every client’s vision, needs, and goals is the key to success. We also believe that it is one of our great advantages that we are experienced in designing with national and international codes and allowing the adaptation of different local standards, conditions, materials and natural-economical-social-environmental conditions in the locality with cooperation of the experienced team and its local partners. We promote a work environment culture that pushes the limits while rewards, and enriches all who work with us.

As a result, we design buildings that make a continious positive impact for clients; offer realistic solutions with more rational and advanced methods.


As Denzay A&E, we aim to maintain our highly regarded ability to reconcile the context and the demands of the clients and provide them a compelling design as result through the cutting-edge computer programming and most up to date equipment. Thuswise, all needs of the clients is pursued till the smallest detail, extensively elaborated, solved and drawn as well as the design we create is realized through inspiring collaboration and an iterative process tested and flourished by rigorous research.

We plan to design the future with rational solutions by preserving and improving our qualified workforce, both at home and abroad, by continuing to be the exemplary and powerful organization of the sector.