A&E Design Services

  • Denzay A&E provides customers with high quality, engineering and architectural design services using the most advanced technologies and in-house research and development. Customers in more than 20 countries use our expert services to complete projects on various construction sites, including airports, renewable power plants, government buildings, and cable-linked suspension bridges. In this context, it provides services in the fields of basic and detailed architecture, structure, infrastructure, mechanics, electricity, site planning and landscaping.

Consultancy Services

  • Denzay A&E strives to continuously improve the quality of its work and to present new ideas to its sector and customers through meticulous research and development. With the same vision, consultancy specialists in Denzay A&E provides services to their customers in the fields of architecture, engineering, programming and coding through planning, management and feasibility studies. Employees also carry out many R&D projects for their customers in the fields of innovative building materials and large-scale renewable energy production and storage, and provide clients with up-to-date, progressive and realistic solutions.

Quality Assurance and Quality Control Services

  • With its qualified architect and engineer team, Denzay A&E firm determines the technical data concerning quality and production by considering user-contractor-customer relations, related standards, economic factors, competition and technological level, market situation and qualities in both design and creation phase. While designing a suitable production system in this direction, quality standards regarding raw material, process and product performance are also determined and many quality controls are carried out at the construction phase. In this process, the relevant coordination is provided and the result is of a satisfactory quality to meet all specifications.