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Denzay Architecture & Engineering is a team of engineers, architects and other professionals who aims to provide the most economic and sustainable design solutions for its clients.

Denzay Architecture & Engineering has a dynamic team to handle complicated projects. The energy of Denzay comes from its team’s passion. Denzay aims to create a better world starting from scratch and all its team devote their professional lives in this purpose.

Denzay Architecture & Engineering aims to be one of the best engineering companies all over the world. In order to achieve this goal Denzay allocates a significant proportion of its resources for research and development, in-house and out sourced training of all team members. As a result of R&D and training works Denzay makes use of most recent technologies available and provides the best solution for its clients.

Denzay Architecture & Engineering completed various international and domesitic projects with great success. In all projects completed, the needs of the client were completely fullfiled by providing the most economical and sustainable design.