A&E Services for NATFO

436/S Emergency Medical Services Center Kabul / Afghanistan, 2019 - 2020

A&E Services for CUR

1950 Rotary-Wing Maintenance Facility Bagram Air Field, Afghanistan, 2019

A&E Services for INCIRLIK

İncirlik, Turkey, 2019

A&E Services for Kabul National Military Hospital Natfo

253/S Disability Rehabilitation Center and Natfo 313/S Capital Improvements Infrastructure Repairs Kabul, Afghanistan, 2018 - 2019

New Administration And Dormitory Building Project

Beudet& Bon Repos & Carrefour Port-Au-Prince Haiti, 2018 - 2019

A&E Services for Pedestrian Bridge in Manavgat

Antalya, TURKEY, 2017

Compound Security Upgrade U.S. Embassy

Prague, 2017

US ERI Design and Build Project

Lithuania, 2016-2017

Rotary Wing Deployed Operating Base, Slatina Airfield

Prishtine, Kosovo, 2015 - 2016

Major Rehabilitation at Shouson Hills SDA, U.S. Embassy

Hong Kong, 2015-2016

Saudi F-15 Fleet Modernization Program Rsaf King

Khalid Air Base Khamis Mushayt, Ksa Saudi Arabia, 2015-2016

A&E Services for Samal Towers - 17th Floor Renovation

Almaty, Kazakhstan, 2014

AES for Buildings and Road Refurbishment in Jeger Battalion

Kaunas, Lithuania, 2020 - Ongoing

A&E Support Services – Quality Assurance for Repair

Airfield Operating Surfaces Bagram (CUR 1852) Afghanistan, 2020 - Ongoing

AES for Kabul National Military Hospital (KNMH)

Disability Rehabilitation Center Project (NATFO 253S) Afghanistan, 2020 - Ongoing

AES for Kabul National Military Hospital (KNMH)

Infrastructure Repair Project (NATFO 313S) Afghanistan, 2019 - Ongoing